I saw the Varsity Blues commercial today.  I remember from one of them they played My Hero, but in this one they played Nice Guys Finish Last by Green Day, but that's not important.  Anyway, I always look at the song listing after the movie commercials and Foo Fighters are on the soundtrack.  Also, in one of the commercials, they played the beginning My Hero and the end Nice Guys Finish Last.   Sweet, eh?


Well, MTV's done it again. They've cheated the Foo Fighters out of a little Moon Man. But, on the brighter side, Green Day finally got their first MTV Video Music Award ever. But still, with the Foos not winning, I've been bummed out all day. I wore all black and felt kinda depressed. In fact, I almost cried that they didn't win cuz I really wanted to see their acceptance speech! But oh no, it was Aerosmith, Bjork, and Madonna. oh giddy.

Walking After You is currently #12 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks. Its been on the charts for a while. The X-Files Soundtrack where you can find the remade version of Walking After You is at #47 on the Top 200. Check out all the Billboard charts by clicking here.

Foo Fighters are nominated for three, yes I did say three, MTV Video Music Awards! They're nominated for Best Rock Video, Best Special Effects in a Video, and for Best Art Direction in a Video. MTV kinda owes it to them for not letting them win last year for Best Rock Video for Monkey Wrench. And they're up against last year's rivals (who won) Aerosmith. Yet again they are both up for best rock video. I just hope that this year the Foos triumph.

Hmm, lets see..... Foo Fighters have appeared on the Godzilla soundtrack and on the X-Files soundtrack. For the X-Files, the did a remake of Walking After You from the Colour and the Shape. Its faster and there's more drum parts on the remake. Both are good and much praise to the boys of Foo. I saw the Walking After You video on MTV. It was not directed by David Duchovny after all. Also, Dave is the only one that appears in the video. This rather surprised me because usually all of the band is in the video. Its a rather horny video. For instance. There's this girl and Dave and she are separated by a pain of glass like in a prison visiting place. The girl and Dave start making out through the glass and she ends up giving him what seems to be giving him a blow job. And all this through the glass. Then they break up and Dave's pissed and starts to destroy stuff and.. well, its a strange video, but the song is good. Other bands on the X-Files soundtrack: Bjork, Filter, Sarah McLachlan, and the Cardigans. There's a rumor going around that Tre Cool (le drummer) of Green Day shot Taylor Hawkins (also le drummer) of Foo Fighters in his ass with a B-B gun. I have no idea why and I don't even know if its true. If it is true, there will be plenty of conflict between Green Day and Foo Fighters while they are touring together. Don't take the shooting to heart cuz it may be just a rumor, but I thought it was rather news worthy.