Foo Fighters played yesterday on MTV's Sports and Music Festival.  
They only had one song (Learn To Fly) actually played.   
Tour dates will be posted soon.


A touring guitarist has been found.   Click here to read the whole 
story from SonicNet.


Here's some more on the next album from CDNow's Allstar Daily News:

Select journalists, label executives, and music retailers were 
invited to a sneak preview of the Foo Fighters' forthcoming third album, 
There Is Nothing Left To Lose
, in L.A. Wednesday (Aug. 25) 
evening at the home of Gary Gersh, who co-manages 
the band with John Silva at G.A.S. Entertainment.

Anyone fearing that the band would come back with an album full of 
"Big Me"s, can rest assured that the new disc rocks as hard as 
such Foo hits at "This Is A Call" from their self-titled debut or 
"Monkey Wrench" from their last offering, The Colour and the Shape
The first single, "Learn To Fly," is the only track that turns it 
down a notch, but fans won't have to wait long for a more 
rockin' track to hit the airwaves as one song mentioned as a 
contender for the second single, "Breakout," kicks out the hard 
rock jams in full force.

The band's Dave Grohl (vocals/guitar), Nate Mendel (bass), 
and Taylor Hawkins (drums) were on hand to schmooze and 
hear the playback of the album as well. They are still in the process 
of looking for a replacement for guitarist Franz Stahl 
who left in June (allstar, June 29), and will likely be looking 
at the new guy initially just for touring.

Tour plans as of right now include the Sept. 8 and Sept. 10 
Gravity Games shows (Kid Rock, Busta Rymes, and Primus are also 
on the bill for the 10th) and a CFNY show in Toronto on Sept. 15. 
However, a full tour is in the works. Meanwhile, "Learn To Fly" 
is out Sept. 20, while the album hits stores Nov. 2 on RCA Records.

Here is the complete track listing for There Is Nothing Left To Lose:


  1. "Stacked Actors"
  2. "Breakout"
  3. "Learn to Fly"
  4. "Gimme Stiches"
  5. "Generator"
  6. "Aurora"
  7. "Live-In Skin"
  8. "Next Year"
  9. "Headwires"
  10. "Ain't It The Life"
  11. "M.I.A."

 Carrie Borzillo


Ok, something new about the new album: the title is Nothing Left To Lose
and the first single, Learn To Fly, should be out around the 20th 
of September.  Nothing Left should be out on November 2nd.  
thanks to the Foo Fighters club on Yahoo! for this info.


Here's some new album info fer ya:  the prospective month 
that it'll be released in is November.  Thanks muchly 
to David Zhang for this tid-bit. 

As to what label it's gonna be released on, 
according to Rolling Stone, RCA (Dave Matthews Band's label) 
is now gonna be carrying the Foos. 

In the post-Franz world, it's looking like they'll remain a 
three piece and hire a touring guitarist to play the old songs. 


On 91x's daily news bit, the X Philes, they talked about Franz's 
leaving the band.   However, they had Dave talking about Pat's 
leaving and that if another member left the band after Pat, 
he should just quit and start over.  He said that if another member 
left that he'd start another band and leave the Foo Fighters behind. 


Wha wha WHAT?!  Read this article from CDNow's Allstar Daily News 
and you'll be as angry as i am.

A week after Aerosmith dropped off the Woodstock 99 bill for 
"mutual production problems and scheduling conflicts," the 
Foo Fighters have pulled out of the show as well.

Despite reports citing the band's desire to finish mixing their third 
album, a source close to the festival has informed allstar that the 
truth of the matter is that the band simply does not have a guitar 
player for the gig. Although organizers have been working closely 
with the band's manager, John Silva, to find a stand-in guitarist 
for the gig, neither camp has been able to come up with one.

It was unclear at press time why guitarist Franz Stahl, who 
replaced Pat Smear after his departure in late 97, could not 
make the gig, but the source did make it perfectly clear that 
the band "is currently without a guitarist" -- thereby hinting at 
the fact that Stahl may no longer be a Foo Fighter.

The band's publicity firm, Nasty Little Man, maintains that the 
band will not play because they want to finish their record.

In the meantime, festival organizers are expected to announce 
additions to the already grandiose lineup later this week.

-- Kevin Raub

Ok, yeah.  Franz might be gone?  That sucks!!!!!! And now the only real 
reason i would want to go is to see KoRn.  Lets just hope that they are 
really making the finishes on their next album, and Franz is still around.


Oh yes, the Foos have left Capitol.  Also, rumors of them 
co-headlining the Ozzfest tour are exactly that, rumors.  I have 
heard nothing that they're actually gonna do it.  But who knows....  
The new album hopefully will be out either later this month or in the 


The Foos, along with such company as Dave Matthew's Band, 
KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, Aerosmith, George 
Clinton, *gags* Bu$h, Collective Soul, Counting Crows, Creed, 
Everlast, Fatboy Slim, Jewel, Live, Los Lobos, Metallica, DMX, 
Ice Cube, Willie Nelson, moe., the Offspring, Rage Against the 
Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rusted Root, Brian Setzer Orchestra, 
Sugar Ray, and the Tragically hip are all going to play at Woodstock '99,
in honor of the 30th anniversary of the original Woodstock.  The tickets
cost $150 (and that's not including taxes and surcharges) and go on sale
on April 25 at 9 am EST.  But if you can't afford the bus passes 
(which start at the low low price of $249.99) 
have no fear.  There are talks of a pay-per-view special, webcasts, 
television highlights special, and it wouldn't be complete without the 
album and home video!  If you really wanna know more, you can 
always visit here.  all this would not have been possible without 
the wonderful Allstar Daily News lovingly brought to me 
(and perhaps you) by Music Blvd.  


The Foos are currently recording their follow-up to The Colour 
and the Shape.  The release date is still up in the air, but it 
looks like pretty soon we'll have a new record from them.  
Also, this has been in the rumors section for a long time, 
but it looks like Dave might co-appear on Garbage's next album 
with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins. 


The following is an article from the Allstar Daily News provided by 
Music Blvd.

Foo Fighter Dave Grohl Sues Miramax Over 'Big Me' Dave Grohl to 
Miramax Films: This is a call... for a date in court. The head Foo 
Fighter, along with his Roswell Records label, EMI Entertainment 
World, EMI Virgin Songs, and M.J. Twelve Music (Grohl's publishing 
company) filed suit against Miramax in California District Court on 
Tuesday (Feb. 9), accusing the film giant of unauthorized use of 
the Foo Fighters' hit "Big Me" in trailers for the film Rounders. The 
suit claims that the Foo Fighters offered Miramax the use of a 
15-second snippet of the song, as well as various other options 
for use of the snippet on radio, home video cassettes, and 
international promotions, for a sum totaling some $86,000 in 
March 1998. However, an agreement, according to the suit, 
was never signed, sealed, and delivered, and Miramax went on to 
use the song anyway, including removing Grohl's vocal track from 
the song. The suit reads, in part, "Miramax knowingly, willfully, 
and with the intention of evading the licensing terms offered by 
the plaintiffs, directly copied the master and composition in 
creating three versions of the trailer, two of which 
contained approximately 18 seconds of both the composition 
and the master... " and that "Miramax digitally altered the 
Master as to remove the vocal tracks as performed by Grohl." 
Grohl and Co. are suing Miramax for federal and international 
copyright infringement, unfair competition, conversion, 
accounting, constructive trust, and injunction. The suit calls 
for, among other things, the recall of all trailers and home video 
cassettes containing the song as well as a whole slew of 
punitive and compensatory damages involved with the suit 
and the alleged misuse of the song. In related news, the current 
issue of Hits reports the Foo Fighters are free agents, and 
are shopping for a new record deal among the likes of 
Atlantic, Epic, Columbia, RCA, and Maverick. The band's first 
two albums surfaced on Roswell/Capitol Records. - Kevin Raub


Happy Foo Year!  On Saturday, January 9th, 1999 at 6 o'clock, 
PM, MTV is going to play the videos from the Varsity Blues 
soundtrack.  Why is this significant?  Well, they're gonna play 
My Hero for the first time in like 600 years!  Be sure to watch!  
Oh yeah, happy birthday to Dave!  I know its early, but there's 
only about 9 days until his b-day on the 14th.  So happy 30th 
birthday, o wonderful lead singer you.