I received the following email from Linda Eckert of VH1:

Thought this might be of interest~

Look for the Foo Fighters on VH1. Beginning November 13th, VH1 will
countdown the "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" as chosen by a panel of
critics, industry insiders, and artists. The show will air for an hour each
night for five consecutive nights. It features tons of new interviews with
some of the biggest names in rock and lots of great performance footage and
photos from the heaviest and hardest bands in rock history. Check your local
listings for more details.

Linda Eckert
VH1 Production
"100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock"


Taylor's house is gonna be showcased on MTV's Cribs soon so be sure to check out that.


If you've been paying attention to VH1 lately, you know about the My Music Awards thing they're doing.  Anyways, the Foos are up for the Pushing the Envelope video and Gods of Thunder awards.  Go and VOTE for yer Foos.


Yup.  The Foos lost again in the VMA rat race.  But screw MTV.  Most frightening part of the whole VMA thing: When Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) got on stage and sang with Christina Agulera.  Best part of the evening: When the founder of Napster got on stage with a Metallica shirt on.


The Next Year video is out in rotation.  The video's plot is that the Foos are part of the 1960's moon missions.  It's one of the Foo's best videos to date.  In other video news, Learn to Fly has been nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards.  I just hope that they get them.  In past years. they've always been nominated and never win.  The only VMA moon man they did win was back in 95 or 96 for Big Me.


Check out MTV soon for their Backstage Access featuring the Foo Fighters and Green Day.


The Foos have been featured on the MTV show Making the Video. I saw it. It's usually a really rather boring show, but, of course, the Foos made it oh so entertaining. Looks like they're following in the tradition of "movie videos". Interesting, really...


Dave has been a bad bad boy.  He's reportedly gotten his Australian drivers license suspended for driving his moped under the influence.  He was pulled over and submitted to a breath test.  He was over the legal limit so he's not allowed to drive down under any more.


Learn to Fly reached #6 on 91x's top 91 of 99.  They beat both korn songs (Falling Away From Me, Freak on a Leash [#7]), Bush (their new song... whatever its called), No Doubt (New), both Limp Bizkit songs (Nookie, Re-arranged), and the new RHCP song.  They didn't, however, beat Blink 182 (What's My Age Again? was #1, All the Small Things was #3 I believe).  The songs were ranked by people's votes.