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Jerry Dorsey?  Like You Care...  Covering My Arse

Yeah so if there's something on here that you think shouldn't (ie: copyrighted stuff, etc) PLEASE DON'T SUE ME!!!!!  I have NO MONEY for which to give you in the event of a lawsuit.  And Judge Judy would be scary to go in front of.  So PLEASE, be nice and remember: I love you.  I love you THIS MUCH!   Uh... yeah.  I put too much crack on my cereal this morning...  (and as a disclaimer of my disclaimer: NO, I do NOT put crack on my cereal.  Some people, I swear...)  Oh yeah, Shiny Objects is runed and maintained by Marina Rudduck (that'd be ME).  Everything that hasn't been previously copyrighted is Marina Rudduck 1998-2001.  My site doesn't have any actual connections to the actual Foo Fighters.  So don't email me saying "tell Dave that I LOVE HIM!" etc cuz... he's never gunna get it.  At least not thru me... I doubt that the Foo Fighters even have seen this site.  Umm, yeah, please don't hate mail me saying that I suck cuz I like Incubus a lot.  And just to spite you Incu-haterz:

And as Brandon said, "you can bite me."