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Yes, now you too can have your very own Foo Fighters email address! Remember kids: it's all completely FREE!  Yes, you heard me: FREE!  See, its better than the other FREE email accounts because it's all PERSONALIZED!  So, show your love for your fav. band by getting a FREE email account!   For easy acess, just put this link on your favorites list:
For all you returning FREE EMAIL using customers, the log in box is below.  I hope you all enjoy using your new FREE Foo Fighters email address.**


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**Sorry if all the FREEs got on your nerves.  I had alittle fun sounding like a used car salesman (not that there's anything WRONG with being a car salesman) or one of those people on the TV commercials selling like the onion blossom maker or smart chopper or whatever (not that there's anything wrong w/ that job).   So forgive my folley.