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There's ALWAYS someone who wants to know something about someone and don't wanna take a long time to do it.  SO, in the grand tradition of god knows what, here's Foo FAQs just for you.

    1. What is a "Foo Fighter" anyway?
    2. What's their current and past record labels?
    3. Who else shares their label?
    4. What bass does Nate Mendel use?
    5. What's Taylor Hawkins' drums?
    6. What IS that on "Generator"?
    1. How many members total have there been?
    2. Where did Chris Shifflet come from?
    3. What did they do (musically) before the Fighters?
    4. What are the Fighters' marital statuses?
    5. What are their birthdays?
    1. What other bands are Foo-like?
    2. What other bands has Dave Grohl loved and nurtured?
    3. What is the matter with Dave?
    4. Who is god?


1. What is a "Foo Fighter" anyway?
A "Foo Fighter" originally was a name for UFOs that WWII fighter pilots would see up in the air.  There is also an old comic book called "Smokey Stover the Foo Fighter" about a fire fighter.  So basically "Foo" can be used for fire and the next time you get brought up in that big shiny object for testing, tell all your friends it was a Foo Fighter.
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2. What is their current and past record labels?
After a long stint with Capitol Records, the Foos are now on RCA/BMG.  The only constant is Roswell Records, the band's label.
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3. A few of the other bands on the RCA/BMG label are Dave Matthews Band, SR-71, Christina Agulera, and Vertical Horizon.
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4. Nate prefers the Fender American Standard Precision bass.
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5. Taylor's drums are made by Orange County Drums & Percussion.
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6. That strange sound at the beginning of Generator off of There is Nothing Left to Lose is a talk box that Dave connected to his guitar.  There's a tube that he put in his mouth with which he can manipulate the guitar's sound using his mouth.  Technical, huh?
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1. The original line-up was just Dave.  Then came Nate Mendel, William Goldsmith, and Pat Smear.  William left right before The Colour and the Shape was started, leaving the drumming to Dave.  Shortly before it's release, Taylor Hawkins joined on.  Then in 1997, Pat Smear left, being replaced by Franz Stahl.  Then Franz left, being replaced by Chris Shifflet, creating the line-up we see today.  So, all in all, there were 7 members total.
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2. Chris was in No Use For A Name, a punk band, among others.
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3. See above for Chris' past lives.  As for the rest...
DAVE- Nirvana, Scream, Harlingtox AD (angel divine)
TAYLOR- Alanis Morissette's band Sexual Chocolate
NATE- Sunny Day Real Estate (William's current band) and Christ on a Crutch
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4. Nate (I believe) is married, Dave is divorced and dating, Taylor is dating, and Chris is unknown.
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5. DAVE: 1-14-69
      TAYLOR: 2-17-74
      NATE: 12-2-68
      CHRIS: unknown
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1. Some would say Everclear, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Others would say their sound is unparalleled by any other band on this planet.  But I say that Incubus is fairly close, only harder.
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2. Dave has lent a helping hand to Verbena, producing their most current release, Into the Pink as well as the newest Tenacious D album.  But Dave's also been seen with Melissa Auf Der Mar at a Queens of the Stone Age concert, with whom the Foos have toured with.
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3. Huh?  

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4. Jimmy Swanson.
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-Elevate me.
-Whhhat.. right here? Right now?
-Of course.  Elevate the platform.
-Ohhh jah jah, ze platform!