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Since this isn't really a typical Foo Fighters page (like, I refuse to put lyrics up because everyone and their Unkie Nate have them on their page), here are some people that run their sites like a business.  Or... a small deli.  It's too early. 
Here's the rating system:

5 = the best ever

4 = worth a 2nd visit.

3 = good (kinda like a C)

2 = needs work, but decent

1 or 0 = it sucks.

Since I care so much about you all, there are very little 1's and no 0's.

The official site.  Its updated, unlike the old

There is Nothing Left to Lose
Ohh geez.

A REAL good site.  Oi...

Foo Fighters Place
Yep.  I wish I could make such nice animation....

Oof Brand Tofoo
The best page for a bad day.  Even though the webmaster pretty much shut it down, it's still my favorite Foo parody site out there.

Flying Foo- a World for You!
Ok, so this site had a one FF rating before BUT the webmaster has dun good.  The site is MUCH better now.  There's even a little flash intro.

Join the War against Foo!
The first time I saw this I was like "wha...?" and now that I look back @ it, I still say "wha...?"

A good site with an interesting dude on the main graphic.

The Foo Files
A bilingual site!  Kinda like me in spanish only with better grammar and probably a better accent...

Foo% Milk
Even though this page hasn't been updated in, well, forever, its still a dope place to go.

Not a bad site.  Needs some work, but other den dat...!
This site is the best.  Plus Spark Notes have helped me out A LOT in English (without them, I still would be lost in Beowulf's crack head language).

My other website that I started a few months back.  I'm not in the mood to explain it all right now so just go there & you'll see.... you'll seeeeeeee.....