The Foo Fighters on REVERB

On Friday, August 7th, the Foo Fighters and Green Day were the featured bands on the weekly HBO concert show called REVERB. Until seeing them on Friday, I didn't know that Franz got rid of his bleached hair! But anyway, Dave would be in the middle of a song and during the pause, he'd say "Thanks dude" or "hey!" and people were throwing shoes instead of the favorite mentos. So when the camera paned out, you could see shoes covering the stage. At one point of their set, some dude threw a Frisbee at Franz and he was right in the middle of playing. But he stopped, picked up the Frisbee and threw it back into the crowd, and continued to play. Dave then said "This next song is dedicated to everyone who made us big" and the Foos started playing This is a Call. While they were playing either For All the Cows or Enough Space, Tre Cool of Green Day and two other dudes came out with an ice cream cart and started throwing ice cream sandwiches at the crowd. Then Tre went over to Taylor, told him something, and then wrote a message on one of his drums. When they were all done, Taylor started throwing his drums and stomping on them and then left the stage. During Green Day's set, Billie Joe asked the people if anyone knew how to play the guitar. He then said, and I do quote, "Does Dave Grohl knows how to, oh wait, he's a drummer!" and shrugged. But all in all the whole concert was really good and I can't wait until the Foos come to LA.

Reviews for the two Foo Fighters CDs

Foo Fighters
Its all-in-all a good album, but the songs can be confusing. So instead of listening to the lyrics, you find your self listening more to the music than the lyrics. And to make it even more frustrating to those who like to sing along with the songs, there are no lyrics printed in the booklet! But you have to remember that Dave Grohl had made up basically the whole band, with Pat Smear, Nate Mendel, and William Goldsmith coming later. And for a nearly solo effort, the first Foo Fighters CD is good, but not the best. And if you listen closely, you can hear some bars from other songs borrowed. I do like it, but then again, I'd love anything that the Foo Fighters do.

The Colour and the Shape
I remember wanting this CD when I first heard Monkey Wrench. In short, this album is the best!!! The songs are more lyrically friendly. On this album, Dave had alittle more help and it was more of a group project, rather than a solo effort. But, Will Goldsmith (the old drummer)left the band before the album was done, lending his drumming to Doll and the slow part of Up in Arms. But that didn't keep them down. Dave sang, drummed, and played the guitar(when he could). But through all this, they made it. And made a damn fine record at the same time. So, basically, its an extremely good CD and one of four of the best CDs that I own (the other three being Nimrod {Green Day}, The City of Angels sound track, and the Godzilla sound track).

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