This is the rumors page.  I'll keep you updated on all the Foo rumors that are going around lately.  PLEASE do not take anything on this page seriously.  A rumor is a rumor and don't ask me to prove it.  


So, apparently, Dave has a girlfriend.   But not just any girlfriend, but Melissa Auf Der Maur of Hole.  They were seen togeather at concerts.  Its all very mysterious...  And also, the next single is possibly Stacked Actors, seeing as someone on the Foo Fighters message board's local radio station plays it alot and has said that the video for it is coming out soon.  On 91x (the only radio station that i listen to religiously), they did the story about how the Foos canceled the Woodstock gig.  They said that the new album is planed to be released in November.  I haven't heard anything but it was going to be released in the fall.  Also a record label hasn't been decided on to release the still untitled follow-up.  OK, my friend Christine is a Garbage fan so she went to the Garbage website.  And as she was reading, she said that it said that Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins and Dave might help Garbage record they're next record.  Umm, oh yeah.  Regarding the Foo's next album, some dude said that ::gags:: Wu Tang Clan might be brought in for the next one.  I doubt this one cuz its kinda like Dave bringing in Gavin Rossdale of Bush to help with vocals, ya know what I mean?  Oooo, here's a really rumory rumor.   Dave supposedly shaved his head for an up-coming war movie.  I know, you're thinking "Dave?! Shaving his HEAD!!!!?" in fact, that's what I was thinking too.   But I seriously doubt this one, but its a good rumor!~thanks to Teddi of Enough Space for All The Cows.......And You Too!- a Foo Fighters page for sending this one in. 


Have YOU heard any Foo or Foo related rumors?  Well, I'd certainly like to hear them!  Please mail me with the rumor and you name so you can get the credit!