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Stacked Actors

Oh mirror mirror, well you're coming in clear

I'm finally seeing in-between

I'm impressed, what a beautiful chest

I never meant to make a big scene

Will you resign to the latest design

You look so messy when you dress up in dreams

One more for hire, a wonderful liar

I think it's time we all should come clean


Stack dead actors

Stacked to the rafters

Line up the bastards, all i want is the truth

Hey hey now, can you fake it?

Can you make it look like we want

Hey hey now, can you take it?

And we all cry when they die blonde

God bless, what a sensitive mess

Yeah but things aren't always what they seem

Your teary eyes, your famous disguise

Never knowin' who to believe

See through yeah but whatda do

When you're just another agin' drag queen?

repeat chorus 4x