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Yeah so if there's something on here that you think shouldn't (ie: copyrighted stuff, etc) PLEASE DON'T SUE ME!!!!!  I have NO MONEY for which to give you in the event of a lawsuit.  And Judge Judy would be scary to go in front of.  So PLEASE, be nice and remember: I love you.  I love you THIS MUCH!  And you know you like it.  SAY IT!  SAY IT!  YOU LOVE IT!  ARGHHH!  Uh... yeah.  I put too much crack on my cereal this morning...  (and as a disclaimer of my disclaimer: NO, I do NOT put crack on my cereal.  Some people, I swear...)  Oh yeah, Shiny Objects is runed and maintained by Marina Rudduck (that'd be ME).  Everything that hasn't been previously copyrighted is ©Marina Rudduck 1998-2001.  My site doesn't have any actual connections to the actual Foo Fighters.  So don't email me saying "tell Dave that I LOVE HIM!" etc cuz... he's never gunna get it.  At least not thru me... I doubt that the Foo Fighters even have seen this lame ass site.  Which is a good thing if you think about it.  OKAY, I'm rambling.  STOP MARINA, STOP!  So yeah, that's about it folks.  LEAVE.  LEAVE NOW WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE!  Go ask Ask Dave©, everyone's personal swami, a question & see what he says.  Have fun kiddies and be safe.