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Well damn, it's been a while. A lot has changed in my life. Namely I GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL!!! Yes, it's true, I graduated Friday, June 14. So, alls I gotta say is rock on class of 2002! Anyway, I'm gunna be off to college in a couple of months (Long Beach State) and my basic point is I am NOT gunna have time to waste on making a website. Therefore, I am officially shutting down Shiny Objects. Yes, it's been a long haul and making this website has taught me a lot (and saved me from boredom more than a few times). So YEAH! If any of you out there would like to take over my thrown as Queen of the Shiny Objects Empire, mail me and it shall be done. And another reason I'm stepping down from the thrown is that, although the Foos do rock, Incubus has taken over my heart (along with Brandon, of course. Meeee-ow) and... yeah. I suppose that's enough said. Wow... I almost feel like I'm breaking up with a boyfriend I've had for a long time. But hell, people change. And (this is the worst line EVER invented) we can still be friends... right?
But anyway, I don't want you guys to think that I'm not grateful for the years (quite litteraly) of entertainment that the Foos have provided for me. Because I am. But I feel that they've lost their original sparkle. And they're songs are just getting boring (to me). It seems like they're just doing the same thing over and over and over again and not really exploring new ways of writing and making music. Don't get me wrong, they are all excellent musicians and I respect them because, well, they do what I've dreamed of since I was a little girl. But they just don't hit me the same way they used to. Please don't mail me telling me that I'm a heartless freak that will burn in hell for not liking the Foos anymore. I understand that some of you reading this (well... prolly ALL of you reading this) don't agree with some of the things I've said and think I'm a little groupie for Incubus only because Brandon is just, well, damn hot. I'm sorry, but any sane woman finds Brandon Boyd extremely attractive. It's just a fact. But I do like Incubus for the music. They're doing things and growing in ways that I find really exciting and stimulating. I mean, what other rock band would have the balls to record a song like Aqueous Transmission? And I just realized that I'm trying to sell you all on Incubus. But why the hell not? Anyway, yeah. Their music touches my heart and the Foo Fighters just don't do it for me anymore. And THAT my friends is the explaination of why I'm shutting this here fine establishment down. And if you walk by my house in the middle of the night yelling "MARINA! I LOVE YOU!!" it won't get me back. And there's sex on the tele. Hm.
De todos modos, thank you all for making my website not a complete failure and it was fun being a Foo Fan with you all. I've seen some freaky fans of some bands that are just bastards to anyone who crosses their path, but y'all are really really not like that. So yeah, best of luck to you all and take real good care of yourselves!!
Lots of love,

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