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Jerry Dorsey?  Like You Care...  Covering My Arse

Have you somehow skillfully dodged all the mail me links glittered through out this site?  We have much in common...


Main address:
(you can use either one.  All the mail that gets sent to the excite address gets forwarded to the msn one so all tis dandy)

Other addresses (in the event that you simply cannot bring yourself to mail me at one of the above addies for whatever reason {geez...} BUT I hardly ever check these SO it could be a really really really really really REALLY long time till you hear back):

Ok, so check out THIS madness: Every time I try to start up AOL IM my computer spazes out and I have to shut it all down.  SO I don't use AOL IM any more.  But if you have the MSN version o' the messenger thing, you're in lots o' luck!  Anyway, here's me screen name:


THE DISCLAIMER!  Umm... ok, well, maybe it's not EXACTLY a disclaimer now that I think of it... Hmm.. well anyway, please don't send me mail saying that you hate me, the site sucks, the Foo Fighters suck, or anything else to that effect (ie: nothing having to do with "suck", "sucks", "sucking", "sucked" "has sucked", "saw sucking", "heard sucking" or  "will suck").  I'll delete them & go on my merry way.  Tho some are so funny I have to send to some friends & then they send them to some friends & a chain letter is started (ohhhh how fun!)!  So yea.  Only nice things and/or constructive (and I do mean CONSTRUCTIVE) criticism from you, buddy boy/girl.  Gracias y espero que su vida es muy bueno y tiene mucho Foo.