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All righty, left to right is:

Deanna, Erin, me, and Meagen.


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Shannon, Meagen, me, and Erin.


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Here's Casey*, Joe (Jose), and Jah-won (Juan) {btw: Casey is wearing his System of a Down shirt with the giant hand that needs like a pepsi or something in it.}

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*sighs* Casey* again.................  I like this one of him the most out of all of them.  The pictures above may look slightly strange.  Thats cuz most of them i cut out the background and stuck them on my mirror.  Its my mirror of friends. (astericks explained below)

Ok, i have to put this up here because i just do dammit.  I have been imortalized with an orgy-tubbie baby yeah!  Ry-Ry is so sweet.  Ahhhh, i remember that night... Ok, anyways, here i am (and if you click on it you'll be transported to a magical place and be granted 3 wishes {if you're lucky...})

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  the asterics will be explained here:   *Casey is the guy that i have hopelessly fallen for.  He's a KoRn  fan (which makes him even better) and i get the feeling that he doesn't really like the Foos, but hey, no one's perfect..........   He is an excelent (and i do me excelent) artist/painter.  Man, i miss seeing him every day at school.  =*(