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Well, lets see.  I'm a sophomore (ok, techinically junior in about a week...) at Antelope Valley High School.  You can visit the home page by clicking above.  Its like the first high school that was built here. Its rather sad cuz you can tell. Its... well... slightly falling apart, but anyway... When i'm rather bored and kickin' it wit Erin, we start singing songs. But not just any songs. Pop songs (ie: Christina Agulera {i'm a geinie in a bottle, ya gotta rub me tha right way}, Britney Spears {baaaeeebay, i'm so into youuuuu. Youuu've got that somethin, what could i doo??}, *Nsync {cuz it aint no lie, baby bye bye bye}. Its the only form of cheep entertainment thats instant. Try it sometime. It's rather fun. The best shows are Rocko's Modern Life, X-Files, the old, original Who's Line is it Anyway?, and 3rd Rock from the Sun. Some of the best movies are There's Something About Mary, The Avengers, The Matrix, Austin Powers, Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace, The Princess Bride, Mulan (hell yeah dude, Mulan RULES), The X-Files movie, Shakespeare in Love, and Elizabeth. I'm planing on having a career in the music industry (ie: being in a band, managing a band, being a DJ...etc, etc) or a tattoo artist. That'd be dope... My fav. bands (besides Foo Fighters {isn't my love of them obvious enough as it is?}) are koRn, deftones, staind, orgy, slipknot, soad, pm5k, kittie, coal chamber, no doubt, garbage, green day, samiam, squat, 2 line filler, no use for a name, showoff, rob d., a perfect circle, *cough*limp bizkit*cough*(being that wes is my husband... you know), tool (rip), eminem is pretty flippin dope, and incubus (on occasion).  My favorite candy in the whole wide world is mentos and my favorite candybar is Three Musketeers. The best food is a sprout and cheese sandwich (if you have never had one you don't know what you're missing). My love life pretty much is DEAD at the moment, but that's ok. It happens sometimes. Anything more and you'll have to mail me and ask dammit. There's nothing else really.  

i dare you