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Behind The Fighters

You have just entered the "Phoo-dities" section. This is where I show you things that are unusual, scary, strange, or funny about the Foos that most would just ignore. A lot of the stuff on this page is kinda dated, but I like to keep it here for posterity.  So show it to your kids (or pets if you're not a parent yet).  They'll enjoy it (cats might try to hit the screen, and dogs might drool over your keyboard, so take the necessary precautions).  Read the below and enjoy.

I was listening to Madonna's "Ray Of Light" (its a good relaxing cd. what can I say?) when my favorite song, The Power of Good Bye, came on and I was singing along when I came to the chorus (which is as follows):  "There's nothing left to lose.  There's no more heart to bruise.  There's no greater power than the power of good bye"   Then it hit me.   "WOAH!  There's nothing left to lose...".

Taylor just looks so rock star in this picture.  He also kinda looks like Adrian Young (drummer of No Doubt).  Not face wise, but in the sense that he looks like he's either naked or wearing a fuzzy thong. 

Ever notice that Dave and Billie Joe Armstrong (lead singer/guitarist of Green Day) have the exact same tattoo on the exact same finger (the left index)?

Dave Finger: 

Billie Joe: 

Close up of finger:

I dunno why I like this picture so much, but I do.  Dave just has his mouth open so big.  And Franz, even tho you left, we still love you (well... at least I do.)

Franz's ass looks so big in this picture.  And his whole hand... thing he has going on is interesting.

Ok, so the below is stuff that I made up.  I'm positive that Dave is a great guy and would never do any of the stuff below, but it was just one of those days.  All I did was look at the picture and make up something relatively humorous.  So please, if you meet Dave, don't go "Dude Dave, did you really tear someone's legs off??".  And don't ask any of the other members o' the band cuz... they'll probably look @ you strangely & walk away.

Apparently, during the filming of the Monkey Wrench video, one of the craft services people (you know, the people with the food) didn't make Dave's coffee how he liked it.  So, as an example, Dave is showing everyone what will happen to them if they don't obey him. 

DAVE: See that?  He didn't listen to me and look what happened to him. 

TAYLOR:  God, Dave, I mean, you didn't have to tear his legs off.             

NATE:   Hmm, how'd you pull out all those teeth without a monkey wrench, Dave? (tee hee)

PAT:   Those shoes would look FABULOUS on me

After the coffee thing, Dave made Taylor "audition" for the part of his girlfriend in the Everlong video.  He asked Nate to help him make sure that Taylor was good enough.  Nate was a firm believer that Pat would be better, and Taylor really didn't wanna do it, but Dave slyly convinced him that it was for the best. 

DAVE:  OK, now Taylor, you need more helpless victim...  There you go!   

NATE:  Pat would be better.

TAYLOR:  Yeah Dave, I don't think that I could ever be as good as Pat...

DAVE: Shut up and keep walking!  Now see Nate, see how he's looking more... feminine?

NATE:  Well, if you say so...   

Yep, its the long lost Foo Fighter!  Poor Smokey here got lost in the giant mosh pit at one of the Foo's concerts and was never seen again.  Is that Dave I see sitting next to him? Thanks to Curtis, the creator of Oof Brand Toofoo and Foo Fire, for letting me use this.