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Ok, so if you're feeling the need to reach out and touch someone, but all your friends and family have disowned you, I'm always here fer ya.  Below are a whole mess of ways to make... contact. 
see note at bottom of page

If you happen to have electronic mail (you lucky few...), I usually check this address more than the other ones since it's my personal one:  
(all mail sent to the MIAfoochick one automatically gets forwarded to the marina1313 one, so whatever.)

But if you have some deep, hidden (or wide open) hate or despise for that name, I check these, but not as frequently, so it may be days, weeks, months, years, decades, etc., etc. before I mail you back:

Any of the above work, so take your pick.  I have more, but I can't quite remember them at the moment...

And for you AOL IM users (or those who have AOL as an ISP), you can talk to me in real time:
And if I'm not on under that one...
nicklekoRn, Nickle217


*Ok, so for all of you who were planning on sending me hate mail or IMing me with malicious intents, don't do it.  I have a voodoo doll and I'm not afraid to use it.  No, but seriously, its not exactly helping you OR me to send me stupid emails saying "YOUR SITE SUCKS!  YOU SUCK! I HATE YOU!!".  It doesn't emotionally scar me for life or anything.  I delete and move on.  As for the IM thing, I'll block you or run your warning level up so high they'll never let you back on.  But for all you going to send me nice, lovely emails like "Your site is the best site ever!  You are so dope!" etc., then please, by all means, send them!  God knows I need the esteem boost.  Those are the kinda mails I love to get, and always get a pleasant response (oooo, makes your heart swell with excitement, don't it?)