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All right, so here's whats going on: this page is going to be TOTALLY updated (new pictures, new stories, new stuff) soon, so if you care THAT much about finding out about us, then you'll have to hang on a sec. until that happens.  But, untill then, here's a story that is pretty funny (it may be one of those things where you had to be there, but read it anyways):

Ok, so for my (Marina) 16th birthday, i took my friends cosmic bowling (bowling in blacklights w/ music on).  Since they were playing like Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears (etc, etc), i decided "Hey, i deserve to hear something thats good" since it WAS my birthday (and the lady said i couldn't reserve a group party thing when there was someone else having a bowling PARTY complete with cake and everything. offence #1).  So i went up to the front counter and the lady said "Sorry, you can't request any songs".  I went back to the lane and 2 seconds later the chick announced on the loudspeaker that you can request songs(offence #2).  That made me mad.  The stupid people that work there have already lied to me TWO times.  I returned to the front counter and wrote on the request paper Korn's   Falling Away From Me, Orgy's Blue Monday, and Foo Fighters' Learn to Fly thinking that they would most likely play one of them.  When they didn't play any of them, Erin (needle) and i went back up to the counter and said "It's my birthday and i was wondering if you could play Korn...." and very rudely and abruptly the chick that works there interrupted me and said (this is EXACTLY how she said it) "We aint got not KORNS, we aint got not HORGEYS, we aint got no BIZKITS, we aint got no CHICKENS...." when the other one broke in and said "Yeah, we gots Limp Bizkit's Re-Arranged".  So i was like eh, its better than hearing Britney Spears' dying cat voice, so what the hell? I told them to please play it and returned to my game.   And, what do you think they do?  That's right, they NEVER PLAYED IT (offence #3).  So i don't really care for that bowling alley (it smelled REALLY REALLY bad in there too) much any more.   So there's the story to tide you over untill i post the others.