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Behind The Fighters


The Pocket Watch


note: Dave's side project
on which he played all the
instruments and released
under the name of Foo Fighters.


Foo Fighters

Big Me, Alone + Easy Target, This is a Call, I'll Stick Around

note:  The Foos became the infamous "Footos Band" or "that band with the Mentos video" thanks to Big Me's video.
(Roswell Records/Capitol Records  1995)

Foo Fighters
(+bonus tracks)

BONUS TRACKS:  Winnebago, Podunk

The Colour and
the Shape

Monkey Wrench, My Hero, Everlong, Walking After You

My Hero and Walking After You were both featured on two separate soundtracks (Varsity Blues and the X-Files Movie), bringing the Foo Fighters more into the public eye. 
(Roswell Records/Capitol Records  1997)

The Colour and
the Shape
(+bonus track)

BONUS TRACK:  Dear Lover

note:  Dear Lover is also featured on the Scream 2 soundtrack.

There is Nothing
Left to Lose

SINGLES RELEASED:  Learn to Fly, Break Out, Next Year

note: Not only did this album see the Foo Fighters' departure from Capitol Records to RCA/BMG, but it has proved to be the most popular album.  Break Out is featured on the Me, Myself, and Irene soundtrack.  Most of the CDs came with a temporary FF tattoo exactly like Dave's.
(Roswell Records/RCA/BMG  1999)

There is Nothing Left To Lose 
(+bonus track)

BONUS TRACK: Fraternity