Apparently, the Foos are starting work on their next album.  However, due to Taylor's health, actual recording is slightly postponed.  More updates on the album when available.


YES!  You HEARD me, TWO GRAMMIES!  The first was for best music video (so sue me, I don't know the ACTUAL technical Grammy term) and the second for best Rock Performance.  So yeah, rawk on brutha men!  And a belated birthday to Taylor (I'm such a horrible webmistress...)! 


Aloha... YESTERDAY WAS DAVE'S BIRTHDAY!  We here at Shiny Objects (mmm k, it's ACTUALLY just me...) wish Dave the best on the anniversary of his birth.  In other news, Nate is working on a soundtrack w/ Taylor and his girlfriend.  Go to foofighters.com for the total inside scoop.

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-Ohh... Abby someone.
-Abby someone.  Abby who?
-Abby.... Normal.