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Behind The Fighters


My Hero

TRACK LISTING:  My Hero, Baker Street, Dear Lover
note:  My Hero is featured on the Varsity Blues soundtrack and Dear Lover is featured on the Scream 2 soundtrack.

(EMI 1998)

My Hero single (+ bonus tracks)

TRACK LISTING: My Hero, Requiem, Drive Me Wild, Down in the Park, Baker Street, See You (acoustic), For All The Cows (live).
note:  Down in the Park is featured on the Songs in the Key of X television soundtrack.

(EMI 1999)


Walking After You

TRACK LISTING:  Walking After You, Beacon Light (Ween)
note: Featured on the X Files movie soundtrack.

(Elektra 1998)


Monkey Wrench

TRACK LISTING:  Monkey Wrench,
note:  First video that then new drummer (replaced Will Goldsmith) appeared in)

(Roswell/Capitol 1997)

Learn To Fly
note: First single released off the current album, There is Nothing Left to Lose

(Roswell/RCA/BMG 1999)

Break Out 
note: Featured on Me, Myself, and Irene soundtrack.

This is a Call


I'll Stick Around


Big Me
note: This was the first single released off Foo Fighters.

Next Year

Stacked Actors