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Behind The Fighters   

Oliver Taylor Hawkins was born on February 17, 1972 (the same exact birthday as Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day).  According to him, he first wanted to play the guitar and sing, but when he found out "what a pain in the ass it is..." to learn to play and how long it takes, he decided that it wasn't for him.  Which, by the way, I totally agree with.  Guitar is painful.  He first played on a neighbor's drum kit and picked up the beat quickly.  He says that drumming comes more naturally to him and it fits his personality.  He basically taught himself to play, using records by Queen, the Police, and the Specials.  He also plays the piano and is a surfer.  Taylor replaced William Goldsmith after he left Foo Fighters and became the full time drummer for Sunny Day Real Estate (a band that Nate Mendel also plays in).  He says that Roger Taylor, drummer of Queen, has influenced his playing.  Ollie calls Dave's drumming "Fucking ridiculous. I love him for the simplicity and beauty in his playing - the fills he does are damn great."  Taylor currently lives in Topanga Canyon, CA.  Ifin you saw him on MTV's Cribs, you've seen his casa.  I liked his pool, but then, I'm a sucker for a pool.  Nice view too.